The Arcore's Nights Le Notti Di Arcore

Love the escort and the velin
want apartment at "Olgettin"
and pure the cubist and ballerin
bilocal with terrazin
in this day you eat se la day
so we love the Arcore's nights.

Lelemore -- Lelemore
but ancor je la fai?
Lelemore -- Lelemore
for how much je la dai?

Miss Minetti what ciarlatane...
not avverted I'm minorenn
a jovinott under diciott!
but I'm gnocc and came from Marocc
save the ass
and scapp from process
and return to the Arcore's nights.

Lelemore -- Lelemore
is there Coca at that night?
Lelemore -- Lelemore
for Rossella is light!

She rikatts me, I'm into guai
I accontent of millions five
What rapin for a sveltin!
Pay the cont senno rakkont
What combin Nico Ghedins...
to nascond all the Arcore's nights?!

Lelemore -- Lelemore
are dolores of panz!
Lelemore -- Lelemore
ce lo sa che sei un trans?

I incontrated the Santanchè
she was a showgirl for me finkè...
was trasformed in deputy!
half PDL comminced così!
tira more a potato's hair
than buoi carrets in Arcore's nights

Lelemore -- Lelemore
now the girls with no sold
Lelemore -- Lelemore
say you're flaccid and old

In the morning carabiniers
at the improvvise make a retate
all the phones intercettate
oh my God! The magistrate!
now the law
ammazz the dreams
but... ah...
the Arcore's nights!

© dajelazio 1000

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